January 18, 2018 | Michelle Nichols
We love our fur babies, just maybe not their constant shedding. Here are some ways to help maintain a clean home with pets.

In the house
  • Air Cleaners: Make sure you change your air filters frequently.
  • Bedding: Wash weekly. Buy beds with washable covers or lay a blanket that can be easily laundered over their favorite resting spots.
  • Brooms and vacuums: Use a rubber broom to first scrape up the hair off the carpet into a ball, and then follow up with vacuuming.
  • Damp mopping: After sweeping to get most of the hair and dirt, go back with a mop to get all the hair that was just pushed around by the broom.
  • Rubber Gloves: The best way to remove cat hair from furniture/fabric is to wear Playtex gloves. Rub glove(s) in 1 direction & watch your fur ball grow! You pick-up 98 percent on the first swipe!
  • Dry Sponge: A dry sponge can be used on furniture to help ball up hair. It is more effective if slightly dampened.
  • Slip covers or blankets: Use different materials to cover furniture and wash them weekly. Slip covers and blankets are great for covering up furniture because they can just be thrown in the washer.
  • Cloths: A micro fiber cloth dry or dampened removes hair easily from furniture.
  • Rubber glove: What also works on furniture will also work great on clothesJust put on the glove and brush hair away.
  • Lint brushes: This can work great.
  • Hair rollers: Keep one in your home and one in your glove box. When you arrive at work or to your location and notice hair, you will be happy to have a roller handy in the glove box!
  • Tape: When all else fails, use some duct tape!
  • Hide your clothes: Keep your clothing picked up and put away. Don’t leave your clothes out where your pet can lay on them. Also, after you wash, be careful where you fold your clothes. It is tempting to dump the laundry basket on to a surface where your pet might like to lay that gets hair immediately on the clean clothes.
  • Brushing and grooming: Some hair coats shed more than others no matter what you do, but helping them shed their hair when the season changes reduces the hair in the house. Your pet’s individual hair coat should be taken into consideration when buying grooming tools. If you have your pet professionally groomed, ask to meet with the groomer. Ask their advice on the best brush or combs for your pets coat type. For example, some combs and brushes work better on short straight hair and others work better on dogs with thick undercoats. If you don’t get your pet professionally groomed, then you may want to take your pet to a pet store and get advice on their grooming products. Many users like to combine regular brushing with grooming. Combining daily brushing (especially recommended outside) with monthly grooming can be very beneficial. Brushing on a regular basis makes a big difference.
  • Brushes: Use a brush designed for your dog’s hair coat. If he has an undercoat, use a “rake” type brush or a shedding blade. If he has long hair, you may want a variety. Try a brush that is built into a glove so your pets think they are getting petted rather than brushed. 
  • Shampoos and Rinses: A good quality shampoo and cream rinse can help minimize shedding. Bathing and brushing will overall reduce the pet hair.
  • Good quality food: Pets can even shed less when fed a better quality food.
  • Professional help: Pet lovers that could afford it will find great value in professional services such as housecleaning services. Having your home professionally cleaned every two weeks can make a big difference!
Ultimately, to effectively deal with pet hair in your home, vacuum like crazy and groom your pets regularly. Daily vacuuming and brushing is best. 


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