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The Home Loan Division at Willamette Valley Bank (WVB) is financially independent. We are a self funded entity, which means we are not warehouse line dependent. Our team takes great pride in having more control of the way our clients loans are processed, underwritten, and funded. We are committed to investing locally, care about the communities in which we serve, and are a team focused entirely on executing, and delivering the experience you deserve. When it comes to home loan financing, you can trust your needs are well supported at WVB.

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Jeremy Lucas
Certified Mortgage Planner
(208) 371-9959
NMLS #37510

I began career in the financial industry in 2000. After leaving my career in the banking world I moved into sales and eventually became a Mortgage loan consultant.

I am one of a few certified mortgage planners in the state of Idaho, three of whom work at Affinity Mortgage Group. As a Certified Mortgage Planner, I guide my clients in selecting the mortgage that best fits their needs by integrating the proper debt strategy into their short term and long term financial goals; which ensures wealth creation and financial freedom.

As a trusted advisor, I advise my clients toward making a sound decision for perhaps their largest financial investment.

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