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Hi, my name is Megan Rambow. Born and Raised right here in Idaho. I have always been fascinated with all the different type of homes. One of my most favorite parts of buying a home, is looking for the right one! You can imagine yourself in all sorts of homes. But there is always the Right home. And that's what I'm prepared to find for you!
When I was 20 I quickly jumped into the banking industry. I worked at Citi Bank for 12 years. I should have committed myself to my real estate dream alot sooner but got into a comfort zone. I am now a FULL TIME Realtor! I quit my "job" of 12 years, to be the realtor this valley has been waiting for. And start my career in Real Estate. I am a self driven individual who works hard to get the job done. I am honest and trustworthy, I'm hungry for achievement! I’m focused on results, and also solution focused, if something is wrong, instead of focusing on the problem I will focus on the solution. Buying a home is the BIGGEST investment people make. I know urgency and I’m able to move fast but efficient. I am confident in myself to get the job done, not only right but 110% to your satisfaction. Because ultimately buying or selling your home isn’t just a overnight process right? We will be spending quite a bit of time together, we will build a relationship that by the time our transaction is completed, it will feel like we have been friends for years! And not only will you get to enjoy your new home, but I will get to enjoy being apart of one of the biggest decisions of a lifetime!
Lets make these memories together! And I guarantee you will not walk away from me feeling I could have done better, Because I am dedicating my very best to you!


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